What could be lower than Bush's IQ ?

The prices at this shop....
so claims this hoarding....

Wonder what Bush' real IQ is ?
From Google Answers

Bush's SAT score was 1206 (566 Verbal, 640 Math). See the upper-left
corner of his Yale transcript:

This web page offers a theoretical conversion of pre-1974 SAT scores to IQ:

Based on that conversion chart, Bush's IQ would be about 129.

Another web page, "SQ, IQ, and self-skills in recent US Presidents"
mentions that Charles Murray, author of a book on IQ called "The Bell
Curve," compares a that SAT score to an IQ of about 125.

"On his SAT's, President GW Bush scored 566 verbal and 640 math, for a
total of 1206 (from http://members.shaw.ca/delajara/SATIQ.html ). The
Bell Curve author Murray estimates a 1206 SAT equates to about 125 IQ.

" Finally, when it comes to raw IQ, Bush is in the mid-range of
American Presidents. In 1999, Charles Murray and I calculated, based
on Bush's SAT score of 1206 (old-style scoring system), that his IQ
was probably about 125 or a little higher..."
source: Steve Sailer, vdare.com:


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