IIPM photo essay

This photo essay essentially gives us some unique insights into the working
of IIPM and a fresh look at its dean A chaudhri

It also tries to crystal gaze into the future of IIPM and its dean

At the end of this photo essay
I promise you all that you will be ROTFL

IIPM Advertisement Spoofed -Read !

Just another day at IIPM

Handle A Chaudhri with care - Fragile !

Some people promise you the moon but only IIPM takes you to Mars !

The big blue erection on Mars

IIPM's impact on the Environment

Ripley's believe it or not ?

Its a bird ! NO its a plane ! NO Its AC in a rocket !Three cheers !Hip HIP HURRAY !

The best I have reserved for the last
I consider it the best of the lot
It speaks a thousand words

For a few advertisements more -The current state of Indian media

Click on the image to see a larger picture
Everything in this picture has great meaning
Look deep !

Thank you all for visiting this blog
Hope you enjoyed it
Feedback and comments are welcome
Let me know which ones are your favorite ?

*EDIT * --Still want more ?
Today's additions -------More ROTFL ! http://indiacorporatewatch.blogspot.com/2005/10/iipm-photo-essay-continued.html


Charukesi said…
rotfl as you'd promised. am still recovering from this :))))))
Charukesi said…
and oh, I liked the II poultry management one best of all :)
Shruthi said…
This is very very funny :)
And I am new to this.. can you please tell me what ROTFL means? My guess is "Rolling on the floor with laughter", coz thats what i am doing right now :)
Shruthi said…
And yes, I liked the Taj Mahal pic the best :)
One of the most hilarious posts I have ever come across :)
K said…
ROFTL : Rolling On The Floor Laughing!
Which is exactly what I'm doing!
flaashgordon said…

u really socked it up to them

Last one ws the best; Indian Media esp TOI ! If i remembr right IIPM group has some majority stake in TOI

aniket said…
i prefer to call him 'Ponytail Man' like the (awful) cartoon strip Times of Mars launched .
thalassa_mikra said…
This is fantastic! A photoessay that National Geographic would be proud of.
Kaps said…
great sense of humour. thoroughly enjoyed it.


Rosa Benito said…
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Gautam Ghosh said…
hilarious !

awesome work !
Subramanya said…
Liked the pics a lot. I think poultry management is quite a serious subject.Comparing poultry managers with IIPM is an insult to them.
sherene said…
:D :D
very well done! :)
keep up the good work

42510 said…
Oh my god.. This is really awesome :)
I wrote an indian institute of plantain management spoof a few days back, http://whencorneredconfuse.blogspot.com/2005/10/iipm-going-bananas.html
but, this really takes the cake :) :)
Bart said…
Good one dude...
My pick is the Mars management Insti (MMI)
Aravind said…
Too good!!!
"AC with Martians" was awesommme
Sumit said…
Still ROTFL..

Keep up the gud work!!
neha vish said…
Still laughing!!
Tc said…
awesome! everything is good!, cant choose a fav...great going...;-)
Vikram H said…
LOL..ROTFLMAO!!! This was awesome!! Simply hilarious!!! Great going.....
Harini Calamur said…
great stuff. loved the one on MSM
Dinesh said…
Way to go dude! Hilarious stuff!
Kapil said…
This one could just very well get you in the league of people who faced the flak from IIPM's lawyers. Are you read to quit your job? Ref: Gaurav Sabnis
Thanks guys for dropping in

Some more photoshopped images coming up soon
silverine said…
Very creative and really socks it on the face of IIPM. Great work, keep it coming.
WildSince83 said…
I think this belongs to one of the most elite and ceative people who came forward and made this BLOG. Awesome...!!! i Belive that this truly depicts IIPMs state. Great Work Done. Cheers!
Mridula said…
Loved the dig on MSM, I enjoyed the post thoroughly.
sharky said…
This was hilarious! "Indian Institute of Poultry Management" is an expansion that *must* be popularised instantly!
Damn good one mate!!
cheers to you :))
Anonymous said…
Mr Arindam shud realize his stature now atleast and place his advt accordingly....

hope he has some amt of brian left with him...

Harish Peddi Gupta
Kirtan said…
Your post inspired me to create something similar. Loved your 'cocky' sense of humour. Check out the posters I made! :-)

Will I do well in Marketing?
Thanks guys
Working on a last set of IIPM spoofs
Will be posting it soon

Keep watching this space !
aJ said…

This is splitting :-D ;-)
vidhi said…
Hey, its too good.
Keep it up! :P
bhavanites foi said…
Anonymous said…
nice pic ! And I was really enjoying your site.
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