Whats wrong with McDonalds - What you will never read in the media

We're all subject to the pressures of stupid advertising, consumerist hype and the fast pace of big city life - but it doesn't take any special intelligence to start asking questions about McDonald's and to realize that something is seriously wrong.

The more you find out about McDonald's processed food, the less attractive it becomes, as this leaflet will show. The truth about McDonalds is enough to put you off them for life.

But this truth you will never read or hear in the mainstream media because
McDonalds annually spends $2 billion on advertising
and that drowns or prevents any voices of dissent

Its founder even went on record to say
"We have found out... that we cannot trust some people who are nonconformists... We will make conformists out of them... The organization cannot trust the individual; the individual must trust the organization."
--Ray Kroc(founder,owner McDonalds )

The power of their advertising is so great that today the golden arches of
McDonalds is more recognized that the Christian cross

American Economic Imperialism

McDonalds today is the official symbol of American Imperialism
and people all over the world are recognizing this fact

There is even a theory called

The Golden Arches theory

Thomas L. Friedman's 1999 book The Lexus and the Olive Tree the following theory was presented: "No two countries that both had McDonald's had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald's".

Aha that's why the US will never invade Pakistan .....
And its also no coincidence that Iraq,Iran,Syria and North Korea don't have McDonalds


World leaders are extremely worried about the impact McDonalds

"The Israeli people are infected with Americanization. We must not be concerned for culture only as culture, but understand what Israeli culture is, and Israeli religion. We must be wary of McDonald's; we must be wary of Michael Jackson; we must be wary of Madonna."
--Israeli President Ezer Weizman, summer 1999

"I am in complete solidarity with France's farm-workers, and I detest McDonald's food."
--Jacques Chirac(President of France )

Soldiers working hard so that the Great American Dream reaches everybody

"Everything went downhill from the moment the McDonald's chain was allowed to invade England."

Iraqi McDonalds Pamphlet

I don't need to say anything about this


* Some 'Third World' countries, where most children are undernourished, are actually exporting their staple crops as animal feed - i.e. to fatten cattle for turning into burgers in the 'First World'. Millions of acres of the best farmland in poor contries are being used for our benefit - for tea, coffee, tobacco, etc. - while people there are starving. McDonald's is directly involved in this economic imperialism, which keeps most black people poor and hungry while many whites grow fat.

# What's the connection between McDonald's and starvation in the 'Third World'?

McDonald's is one of several giant corporations with investments in vast tracts of land in poor countries, sold to them by the dollar-hungry rulers (often military) and privileged elites, evicting the small farmers that live there growing food for their own people.

Words of Wisdom from McDonalds pyscopathic founder Ray Kroc

"I believe in God, family, and McDonald's -- and in the office, that order is reversed."

"It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way -- of survival of the fittest."

"If my competitor were drowning I'd stick a hose in his mouth and turn on the water."

Read more here http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/business/ray-kroc/

How do McDonald's deliberately exploit children?

NEARLY all McDonald's advertising is aimed at children. Although the Ronald McDonald 'personality' is not as popular as their market researchers expected (probably because it is totally unoriginal), thousands of young children now think of burgers andchips every time they see a clown with orange hair.


* No parent needs to be told how difficult it is to distract a child from insisting on a certain type of food or treat. Advertisements portraying McDonald's as a happy, circus-like place where burgers and chips are provided for everybody at any hourof the day (and late at night), traps children into thinking they aren't 'normal' if they don't go there too. Appetite, necessity and - above all - money, never enter the "innocent" world of Ronald McDonald.

Few children are slow to spot the gaudy red and yellow standardised frontages in shopping centres and high streets throughout the country. McDonald's knows exactly what kind of pressure this puts on people looking after children. It's hard not to give in to this 'convenient' way of keeping children 'happy', even if you haven't got much money and you try to avoid junk-food.


As if to compensate for the inadequacy of their products, McDonald's promote the consumption of meals as a 'fun event'. This turns the act of eating into a performance, with the 'glamour' of being in a McDonald's ('Just like it is in the ads!') reducing the food itself to the status of a prop.

Not a lot of children are interested in nutrition, and even if they were, all the gimmicks and routines with paper hats and straws and balloons hide the fact that the food they're seduced into eating is at best mediocre, at worst poisonous - and their parents know it's not even cheap.

The Future of Indian Children

A burger a day....

But the world is fighting back

India's leading anti-corporate activist

Mrs Vandana Shiva who is hated and feared by corporations has this to say

there is a small middle class and a tiny elite section that I believe feels inferior about what they are, that has been so subjected to the pressures of Westernisation that they feel second-rate Westerners, and people would go in for the experience not because of what the experience is, but for what it symbolises.

There will definitely be a tiny, tiny fragment in our population, but since we have a large population it will be a large market which is why McDonald's want to enter it.


McDonalds entered India in 1996 and has slowly been spreading its poison in
our society

An Indonesian freedom fighter hold's Ronald hostage and ask's him to leave his
country at gun point

Arrested for crimes against humanity

He is out on bail just like how most rich guys get out
waiting for his next victim at a mall near you.....

Ronald McDonald long lost brother of Idi Amin

Justice will one day be served


THERE are loads of cheap, tasty and nutritious alternatives to a diet based on the decomposing flesh of dead animals: fresh fruit of all kinds, a huge variety of local & exotic vegetables, cereals, pulses, beans, rice, nuts, wholegrain foods and not to forget our Idlies,Vadas,Puri's and Dosa's. Now is a really good time for change.

The pleasure of preparing healthy food and sharing good meals has a political importance too: it is a vital part of the process of ordinary people taking control of their lives to create a better society, instead of leaving their futures in the cynical, reedy hands of corporations like McDonald's.

These pictures and text have been aggregated from
various anti-mcdonalds sites
These sites reveal the crimes of McDonalds and why people
all over the world hate it

Here is an interview of India's leading activist Vandana Shiva


Other sites







jive said…
abhay! good work !
Pooja Aggarwal said…
Came to this post through Mridula's site. Interesting post. I did know there were people campaigning against Mc Donalds (and rightfully so) but didn't realise it was this extensive. Your post seems to be pretty comprehensive and includes a lot of coverage out there.
Shruthi said…
Funny! and thought provoking! Thank you for your comment on my blog... I loved your IIPM posts :)
K said…
Abhay, since I do write for a business publication I'll refrain from talking on people like Vandana Shiva, but you overlook the positive economic fallout of McDonalds over here - and despite Jacques Chirac saying what he did McDo's is the favoured eating joint for Frenchies. I find MickeyD food insipid and uninspiring but when you go to a foreign country somehow those Golden Arches are reassuring. Plus if the conflict-prevention theory is true , India and Pakistan won't have another war....
Looks like you are promoting another set of foods here instead of McDonalds. What is wrong with Aloo Parantha and Sarson ka saag?
Mridula said…
Enjoyed your post and I stopped going to McDonalds after reading 'No Logo.'
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@Jive -- Hey Rajiv ?Didn't turn up at the pool today ?

@Pooja Aggarwal -- Thanks for dropping in .There is a very big anti-meat lobby abroad campaigning against McDonalds.Feeding Americans meat burgers is a big strain on third world
countries where cows are reared by

@Shruthi -- No problem you keep blogging and I will keep dropping in
Well K I hardly see any benefits acruing from allowing McDonalds to set up chains all over India

They don't bring in any technology nor
any best practices

I had anything to do with regulating the food industry I would deny entry to these Multinationals until they make their food more nutritious
and clean up their slate abroad

The concerns and arguments in this article are very real
Do read it


@lumbergh in training
Sorry but the first thing that came to mind was idlies and dosa
Yes sarson ka saag and aloo parantha
are delicious but it
just didn't occur to me

You see I live in Bangalore and here
breakfast and snack food is usually Idli,vada or dosa

@Mridula - Good decision

In fact the first McDonalds I ever went to happened to be in Delhi at M Plaza in Greater Kailash. It was a sad place
I don't think I will ever step into a McDonalds again in my life
Vandad Zoughi said…
the ironic part is there is a McDonald's ad at the bottom of this page, that made me laugh after reading the article.
Anyway good read