We interrupt this empire .....

by holding a rally to protest Bush's visit to India on March 1, 2006.
The rally will begin from Mysore Bank Circle at 3:30 p.m. and will end at Town Hall Circle in bangalore

Mr. H.S. Dorrai Swamy, Freedom Fighter will inaugurate the Rally. At Town hall many eminent personalities will address the gathering.

Therefore we request you all to come and participate in this rally for common
cause. You can bring your own posters, placards, banners, pamphlets etc.


Ah... in jnu we protest on things as arcane as an israeli official giving a speech on israeli culture...so rest assured, a visit from bush is definitely a target rivaling the goodyear blimp in size..
Stickers by the thousands, posters by the hundreds, black flags, slogans.... the works are out for this one!

Anonymous said…
You are falling into the traps of the communist and intelligentsia. These people have one thing in common, they are good in vocals but poor in action! Bare words do not fill economic needs!
America and business with america is the source of income of so many of us who surf on the net and use blogs!
Watch the movie Hazaron Khawishen Aisi to realize the trap I am talking about!
We need US and its president!