New Blog Skin

I put in a new blog skin

The only reason why I used this skin is because
it helps to accomodate big pictures as there is no coloum on the side

and I think the pictures look better with a black back ground

Though I think the font size should be more ?
But I don't really write much....

Anyone knows how to change the font size of a blog ?

I got these from here

It has a good collection ?

So what do you all think ?

Keep it ?


Change it back to the blue skin ?


I figured out how to change the font size of the blog and the heading
More information here


Shruthi said…
Abhay, this one looks good, though it will take time to get used to it. If this helps in posting bigger pics, then great!

Two suggestions - You could make the title "India corporate watch" bigger and bolder (donno how it can be done, though), and as for the font, the size is ok, but if you could change it to Arial or Verdana, it wouldn't look that small. Again, I don't know if its possible, and how it can be done. If you find out, please do let me know :)
shobhna said…
I agree with shruthi... this skin is better.

Also the other suggestions are worth incoperating. The title can be changed by going to the settings section on the blog. The fonts can also be changed by editing teh templetes( for which u will need to know html/css)
shobhna said…
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Will try to implement your suggestions
but I don't really know how I will do it......
Cow Tse Tung said…
Yo, let me know if you need HTML help - I'd be glad to help out. Cheers.
Shruthi said…
Wow, it looks much better now, Abhay!

And thanks for sharing the link with me :)