Bye Bye Laloo

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Audience Applauds Laloo for the 15 year circus that was bihar

Got both these images from here --
Good blog has many funny images

And here is another new blog that has funny images on bollywood

This is just the begining.....

Enjoy !


vaibhav said…
Hey Abhay, u changed the template, nice but... i preferred the older one! :)

Btw... thanks for the link!
The witch said…

I really think you a doing a fabulous job!!
Cow Tse Tung said…
Thanks for sending people my way - cheers mate :-)
Samit said…
Excellent blog man... soooo coool.. keep the good work going :-)
Subash said…
Your old blog template is far better than this one
vaibhav said…
Ya, Rashmi Bansal is my boss. LOL but don't tell her about my blog. She's gonna freak out big time, if she ever finds out!!! :) Otherwise, I'll be the first case in India, of being fired from the job due to a blog.

Oh and at MTV, i'll be doing what i'm currently doing at JAM - writing. That and content development too.
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