The Return Of The Dosa ! Star Wars Episode 3

Warning : " Reading this post might make you hungry "

Recommended Music while reading this post - Star Wars Theme (John Williams )

Know our enemy

The burgers felt threatened by the growing popularity of
Idlies,Dosa's and Purees

With the help of their delusional president they launched a
war with cooked up intelligence and a lame reason

After Bush declared the Idli,Vada ,Dosa as Axis of Evil
The Idli Mujahideen launched an all out offensive against the Burger Empire's Army

New discoveries reveal the glorious history of the Idli ,Vada

Now coming back to the war

Neo the Chosen one to lead the Idli Mujahideen to victory against
the Burger Empire had been found after a long search by Morpheous

With Neo on their side Victory comes just like how the Oracle had predicted

Ronald McDonald faces trial for crimes against Humanity

Our Warriors are honoured all over the world


Feedback welcome
Which picture do you think is the best of the lot ?


idli mujahideen firing idlies, and sambar stains on mona lisa

absolutely hilarious
Pooja Aggarwal said…
Before I delve more into these pictures, I need to know a thing. Do you come up with these ideas yourself and edit these pictures on your own.
Yes the ideas in this post are my own
I assimililate it over a few days
and manifest it on Adobe Photoshop

However on my blog there appear many images that are not my own but from other websites( The ones that appear in McDonalds post )

I put the Indiacorporatewatch address in Black and White on the images I create to differntiate
gawker said…
That is damn hilarious man. Looks like a lot of work went into it too.
Shruthi said…
What a laughter riot!! Where on earth do you get such fantastic ideas??

Sir Masala Dosa had me in splits :)))

And you are so, so right... I am starving now. :(
Mridula said…
Wonderful, wonderful. By the way saw on CNBC that 'The Body Shop' is planning to come in India. Want to roll out a welcome mat for them? Green Peace website has some dope on them.
Anonymous said…
Good One. All the pics are great but the Morpheus-Neo thing stands out
1.618 said…
Great Idea and a nice execution...
Cdn't control laughing amidst the stares of others in my office..!!
Deepa said…
Being in no mood to laugh today, I laughed at Jesus eating idli, vada, sambar!
@ lumbegh -- thanks

@ CuriousGawker -- Yeah took me two nights 10:00 to 1:00
Thats 6 hours

@ Shruthi -- I don't really know but I did surprise myself here and there.I banged my head hard a month ago that could have done the trick

You should go to a nearby Darshini and eat a Sir Masala Dosa

@Mridula -- I am not sure but I think Bodyshop is a lesser evil because if I am right they don't use chemicals and also they do not advertise.the revlon's ,loreals are the real evil
but yeah I will check out the info on them.

@obsessed for life -Thanks

@1.618- Thanks man

@deepa - Good to know I made you laugh
Arz000n said…

Nice ones...

I enjoyed that MATRIX, GREEN or BLUE pill...

Teri said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog.!
There's a book that made a great splash here in the US a few years back called "Fast Food Nation." If you haven't read it, and you can get your hands on it, I think you might enjoy reading it - it mostly focuses on how evil McDonald's is, and what disgusting stuff they actually put in their food.
Anonymous said…
Just trying to help you reach 325 comments.
@arZooN -Thanks

@Teri-Thank you for the suggestion
I will try to read it up

@anonymous - Thank you for your help
but I am no scott adams
sherene said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :) Btw, I'm no expat's daughter...I'm just a student here and my family's back in India :P
Nice blog, btw...hilarious pics...I've been a silent reader for quite a while now :)

Anonymous said…
Idli Revolutions was awesome! Mona Lisa, Jesus eating idli were hilarious!
Lucas said…
Jesus and idlies was too good!
The matrix one had me in splits. N the rest of the office too. But i love Sir masala Dosa too
Thanks Shrene,Anonymous,Lucas,feminism ain't a dirty word
Simi said…
sambar stains found on monalisa is surely creATEive thinking!!
amazing stuff... even the dosa towers... u got an eye!!!!
Fck_McD said…
This one was too good. I just happened to stumble over your blog while surfing and have been reading it for the last 2 hours. The amount of work u out in is incredible. Not just text, but also the images, and then add to it the research. Keep it up man. Love you.