Natwar Singh to endorse Navratna Tel and What you should know about Bihar

BTW- The train photos happen to be real

What you should know about Bihar


shobhna said…
u have fantastic sense of humour!!!! Keep up the god work.
Thanx for appreciating my blog I will update it soon :) though it took me a while to find out which post u commented on!
Arz000n said…

They are too kewl!!
Mridula said…
You do such good work. I heard that Body Shop is planning to come to India, want to roll out a welcome mat? A lot of dope on Green Peace site. And did I leave this comment before?
Shruthi said…
Ha ha ha!! As usual, hilarious stuff!
Hey thats pretty good work! For some creativity and art work!!!kudos man.
Shruthi said…
Abhay, I am waiting for your Graphic entry in the DesiPundit Slogan Contest :) You have the ability, please work on it ;)
@Shobna -- Sure shobna will drop in

@Gawker - Thanks man

@ArzOON -Thanks

@Mridula - Yes Mridula you did tell me this before .
I will soon check out the info by greenpeace

@Woman with mission -Thanks

@Shruthi -Thanks for informing me about that I was not aware of it
I had been busy a couple of days so not ventured on to Desipundit
I will try to submit one soon
All power to you - your images kick ass!

Requesting your permission to use some of your iipm images.

Great work. I just chanced upon your blog. Not just vastly entertaining but also incisive
1.618 said…
ha ha!
Reality at its best!

Linking you on my blog!
Great work dude. Can't help leave a comment after each post. *hi five*
Anonymous said…
creativity at its all time best:)

keep up the gud work dudes....ur blog rocks....