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In this classic best seller. Stalin
outlines the steps and various techniques to be followed
while hanging capitalists
All these methods have been thoroughly tested and verified in the
Soviet Gulag's to ensure you do not face any trouble while
executing capitalists.

More than 10 million copies in circulation
First edition printed 1934

Guest Reviewer -Comrade Fidel Castro( sums it up in one line )

Hasta la Victoria Le Siempera !



While trying to read the book and prepare a review,
I dozed off which tells us how good this book is

Unbelievable ?
Buy it and if you don't start dozing off

A very effective book and is especially handy
for people with sleep disorders

**Hurry Limited Copies**

Shri H.D Deve Gowda is presently working on his second book
"What dreams may come "



The man on the cover is Shyam who true to his name was as
dark as the night .He falls in love with a fair woman called Gori
in the village of Kalapur.

Shyam and Gori's romance blooms behind
crossed flowers,humming bees and shaking bushes

Eventually their parents come to know of their romance
and gori's parents reject shyam citing his dark skin as the reason for
him being unworthy of their daughter.

Shyam promises them he will come back all fair in a years time to marry gori
and promptly leaves the village

Shyam goes to the city and
in vain he applies fair and lovely 12 times a day at
intervals of 2 hours
but all to no avail

A dejected Shyam then decides to go to the Himalayas and does
Tapas(penance) and eventually the gods appear.

He asks the gods for a fairness cream for men because men's skin
is tougher and the idiots at HLL who manufacture Fair and Lovely
don't know that

So the gods bestow on him Emami Fair and Handsome made
especially for tough men's skin

Shyam religiously applies fair and handsome
every one hour but all to no avail

Disappointed he decides to return the product only to find that the bill
for that product is missing and now he cannot return it back to the

Very depressed he decides to meet Gori to cheer himself up

So he applies one whole tube of Fair and Handsome
and goes to meet Gori late at night when everyone
in her house is asleep.

Shyam knocks on the door to find Gori opening it

Gori on seeing shyam thinks its a bhoot(ghost)
Shrieks and dies of a heart attack.

Shyam runs away and becomes half insane in grief...

A few days later
when Shyam is sleeping Gori's atma(soul) takes
possesion of Shyam's body...

and at last they become one...

Two souls one body

As a result of possesion shyam goes fully insane.....

Soon Gori's aatma's influence increases and
Shyam becomes a cross dresser
and roams city after city

The mainstream media which specializes
in glorifing and highlighting trivial issues
in their mission to dumb down the nation

picks up the story
and broadcasts it every half an hour
and the story of Shyam and Gori becomes folklore
in India

This is the first time that corporate india has gone in
for product placement in a romance novel.

This novel is brought to you in association with Emami Fair and Handsome

Rakhi Sawant


Meh'boob'a is a true story
based on upcoming stripper/exhibitionist Rakhee Sawant.
It covers the journey of one middle class girl who in her quest for fame and
fortune shed her inhibitions,clothes and everything else to fulfill her life long
ambition to dance semi naked on our television screens.

In a country where the market for 'boob jobs' is growing at a
a 3 digit rate, rakhee sawant is an ideal role model for women to
aspire to become and men to ogle at.

At the book launch Rakhee Sawant was able to create a stir and
garnered herself and her book some cheap publicity by locking
lips with a fellow stripper/exhibitionist.

One toilet newspaper even found it fit to
carry the picture in their toilet paper.

With toilet paper journalism on the rise one can expect more
coverage of importance given to trivial,irrelevant events

Rakhee Sawant is currently preparing to write another book titled
The Future is Silicon


In Women's Empowerment(Collected Essays )
Shakti kapoor speaks on issues close to heart
like women's empowerment.
He talks about the numerous women he has
empowered through his pants and reveals his modus operendi of empowerment
He reveals that the film Industry is sexist and if not for his presence
many women would not have got empowered.
He demands 50 % reservation for aspiring women in films so that
it can give him an oppurtunity to serve and empower more women

Fellow empowerer Aman Verma writes the foreword and is all praise for
Shakti Kapoor's noble deeds

Includes other essays written by -by some of India's leading producers,directors,
media heads.

In the latest installment of the three investigators the investigators
travel to India to investigate the mystery of the disappearing billionaire
Subroto Roy who owns one of India's leading Airlines and heads one of the biggest
para-banking networks in the country

The three investigators after some thorough investigations
stumble on to a dark secret of Subroto Roy
and before they know it their lives are in danger and they are
trapped in a graveyard hounded by a bat which looks like Subroto Roy !

The suspense will kill you

Buy it now !!


Micheal Jackson speaks about the fine art of parenting
and reveals all on how celebrity's raise their kids
and model them into responsible citizens

Special chapter on masturbation for kids,paedophilia and free
pornographic CD for you and your child to enjoy
(Not shown in catalogue for legal reasons )

Feat:Janet Jackson
who writes a special chapter on dressing your kid up
and wardrobe malfunctions.

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4afteruse said…
whoever it is! good work! was fun readin it, keep em comin
4afteruse said…
are u in advertising or somethin, yet against it??
thalassa_mikra said…
This is so cool! Amazing stuff.
Thanks Undersky and thalassa mikra

and Undersky I am not in
the advertising industry but
I did study Marketing
Shruthi said…
Abhay, ROTFL :) Supremely funny.
Bombayite said…
awesome post.u guys are cool
Mridula said…
Loved your fair and handsome take!
Ambar said…
This is way too funny. you're on my "blogs not to read at work" list now. :D
1.618 said…
the fair & handsome stuff is cool!
I wd like to place an order for the ways to start a revolution! ;)
@Shruthi -- Thanks shruthi but now I need to eat some mouth watering gadbad

@Mridula -- It's easy to mock at these fairness cream

@Bombayite /Amber -- Thanks for dropping in

@1.618 --Sure but where do you want to start your revolution ?
Do you write fer a living? Cos if you dont. maybe you should consider it
Lucas said…
Tooooooo good! Meh'boob'a had me in splits...keep it going!
Anonymous said…
Rakhee Sawant is nothing but a whore! Of course, most of the ladies in Bollywood these days are!
@feminism ain't a dirty word --Thanks you are very genrous with your appreciation

@Lucas -- Thanks

@Anonymous - I wouldn't call her a whore but its not easy being a woman in a male dominated world
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