Subvertized Part I --- Brilliant spoofs of corporate icons and propoganda

These are the works of geniuses from all over the world
Feel free to share,use and upload them
and if you can subvertise Indian corporate logos and ads
email them to us

If you have ideas which you cannot execute we will do it for you
while giving you due credit

Email them all to
Or post them in the comments section

These images are protected under copyleft

CopyLeft means copyright except for non-profit making initiatives/organizations where the it is used to positively portray what it sat out to do. If you are not sure what it originally set out to do you must ask its creator. This means that you can use the (graphics, article etc.) If you are not making money out or it and do not have the intention of doing go. If you are you must get permission from the creator to use it.


Kaps said…
great collection. hope to see some Indian ones soon.
Thanks man
How about you suggest us some ?
Mridula said…
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Mridula said…
I wish to see someone thrash the Airtel ad where a designer slum girl plays with another designer school going girl from nearby flats. The way these corporate gaints subvert these messages, as if they care a lot for people in slums and Airtel has got something to do with it!

Another one I hate is Feels like heaven/complete man from Raymonds. If you wish, please take it up.

Deleted the previous comment to remove a few typos and express my thoughts better. The nature of the comment was almost the same.
Hey thanks mridula

Will try something
but I do not remember the Airtel ad you are speaking of
I will try looking it up
Mridula said…
This Airtel Ad is being aired on TV these days that begins with these designer kids and ends up with a girl doing gymnastics, it is the latest one. Has a punch line 'Dil ki baat bata Kar tou dekho'

I was just wondering if you have read 'No Logo?'It was that excellent book that made me see through these ads.
blogeshwaran said…
Marketing & advertising are all about creating false needs in consumers. Pick the Titan ad with Aamir Khan that desperately (and very obviously) tries to convince people to buy 2nd and 3rd watches to match people's clothes.