If he ever came online......

Ever wondered if Mr A Chaudhary of IIPM fame surfs the internet ?

Well if he did surf
and if he ever came across all our blogs
this is what I think he would do


A choudhry seen banging his head on the PC after going through the IIPM blogs

Might not display properly on Internet Explorer .Use Firefox web browser
or try clicking on image if it does not display clearly

The End

Note -- I have not created this Gif Image found it on the internet


bishop45678 said…
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moniemovieman said…
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aniket said…
Its a bit too.....Ewww.....
ok I will consider removing it if 2 more people post it as gory
no, no don't remove it. returning your call. please mail me immediately at arka.01@gmail.com with 'demonstration' in the subject line, and call me on 9243122682. also, carry the statement on your blog, and tell all your blogger contacts to do so. pass it on as an e-mail attachment to all your contacts, and sign the online petition. call me NOW as in now.
Sakshi said…
hahahahah...toooo good.

Aditya Bidikar said…
It is fabulously funny. Pleeease don't remove it.

BTW: Gif works well on Opera too
Simi said…
this is brilliant dude! let the creatives flow......