Bangalore Bloggers Bandh rescheduled to 26 th Wednesday October 2005 !

We, the members of the "Bloggers of Bangalore" community would like to bring to your notice our intention of staging a silent, sit-in
demonstration in front of the campus of the Indian Institute of
Planning and Management (IIPM), Bangalore, on Wednesday , the 26th of October at 9:30 A.M. The demonstration will continue till 10:00, after which, spokespersons of Bloggers of Bangalore will address the media.

You can get more details on this blog

The Bangalore bloggers bandh has been rescheduled to the 26th Wednesday
as we were unable to get clearence from the police

The cops said they needed time to call in additional units of the fire brigades
from other parts of the state for they feared that
pyromaniacal IIPM students might
turn bangalore into Hanuman's Lanka

Coming soon to a television screen near you
IIPM students jumping off from one building to another
Setting cyber cafes on fire with their burning tails