Sathya Sai Baba celebrates 80 years of fraud with puke fest 2005

Sathya Sai celebrates 80 years of fraud

Sathya Sai Baba is India's leading conman and fraud.
He has followers almost everywhere in the world
Religion is big business
and Sathya Sai baba is CEO of M/S Fraud & Fraud Co Ltd
His organisation is head quartered at Puttaparthi

Sathya Sai Baba sends supersonic blessings that
have the power to go around the world
and bring peace and harmony to mankind

Note:The shaterring of the car glass is proof of his supersonic blessings

Sathya Sai baba is known to rub oil onto the genitals of his followers to
enable enlightment ( sic )

Sathya Sai baba Hair spray

Sathya Sai -- What are you waiting for buy it Moron !

On the occasion of Shiva Ratri
Sathya Sai baba claims that Shiv lingams of gold are formed in his
divine body and he pukes it all out in front of his
brain washed followers who flock from all over the world
to watch this perverse phenomeon

Puke Fest 2005

This picture I got from this blog that has another anti-sai baba article

Sai Baba is a cold blooded criminal
and behind many murders

Read full story here

There is even a book on it
You can buy it if you want

Here is a complete article on Sathya Sai Baba

If you know anyone who is a devotee(victim) of Sathya Sai baba
admit him to the nearest mental hospital for treatment .



It is hopeless trying to counter Sai Baba
Even as I speak a blogger here claims Sai baba came
to him in his dreams

Its sad but true
A sucker is born every minute !

and in other Sai Baba related news

Another Miracle at Sai Baba Ashram !

On December 1st Satya Sai Baba materialized condoms out of
thin air and distributed it among his devotees
He gave a long sermon on safe sex
and spoke on the sex lives of Gods
"Kaliyug" he said was responsible for the AIDS virus

Sai baba also claimed that he can materialize condoms
in four different flavors pineapple,strawberry,mint and banana .

For orders and bookings of holy condoms
please contact Satya Sai Baba Ashram,Puttaparti.

RSS reacts to Satya Sai Baba Condom Mania

RSS head K S Sudarshan branded Sai Baba a terrorist and traitor to
Hinduism and added that Sai Baba had lost him mind

He also asked hindus to produce at least a minimum of 3 children each
and recommended 17 children for progressive hindu families


Rahman said…
A good blow to the followers of 'baba'.

I still can't understand why people blindly believe in anyone claiming to be superior (god).

Hoping to see some more god-men (con-men) on your blog!
X said…
Seriously good stuff. I like the humour-with-a-social-message outlook you have. Cheers. BTW, I don't use Photoshop - its too complex for me. Prefer Fireworks, which will soon be defunct, thanks to Adobe's takeover of Macromedia. ;-)
Unknown said…
i am so glad to read this blog..
time people realised the game of people who have mastered the art of conning people and taken it to such heights!
Thanks a lot for leaving your comments on my blog.

Those are some funny pictures you've got there, I just LOVED the Michael Jackson ones, lol..
Shit dude.... you are one good fella!

I totally agree with you on the Sathya Sai baba thing.. he's a friggin' paedo!!!!

I'm gonna link this topic from my blog.
Since this is a report on Sai Baba's birthday, you might like to check this out. The entire blog is dedicated to the subject of Sai Baba.
Anonymous said…
Just more proof that the anti-Sais are hateful, vindictive and mentally ill. This guy has probably never even been to see Sai Baba.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
@1.618 - There is a whole branch psycology that deals with mind control .These con men master it and this is the result

@Cow Tse Tung-- Yep I heard about that
Photoshop looked extremely tough to me
in the starting but try going through
the tutorial you will find it easy

@Project Why -- Thanks for dropping by

@Sai baba exposed -- Thanks for linking me up
Its always a pleasure to expose a con man

@Vaibhav-- Thanks man spread the message

@feminism ain't a dirty word -- Yup
A sucker is born every minute

@ Anonymous --Why would any man with a sound mind want to meet Sai Baba ?

Nobody wants to listen to your false accusation without any basis.

My claims have a basis and I have also provided the proof

If you think otherwise then please provide us with the proof that proves Sai Baba is not a con man ?
Ambar said…
This post totally made my day!
M said…
This is one of the best blogs I have visited. Keep up the good work
X said…
Thanks for the reverse link. :-)
Ar Ar Ar Arrrrr said…
Oh boy!!!

I have few close family friends who are hard core followers of Sathya Sai baba...

Now I dont konw whether to believe this...or believe on what they told to me all these year...

But this sure is an Eye-opener.

Thanks for sharing this information!!
Shruthi said…
Abhay, too good!
Mridula said…
Seriously good work. I never pay much attention to babas in general and I was not at all aware of the 1993 killings.
Global Indian said…
I thought you would have a lot of hate and people swearing at you when I saw your post. But seems like no many bloggers stupid :)

And as usual, nice PhotoShop'ping'.
Unknown said…
@bonatellis - Thanks

@Bewitched - Thanks keep dropping in

@Ambar - Thanks for linking up my post

@Cow Tse Tung - No problem at all

@ArZ00n-- Yeah tell them the truth but it is difficult to convince people who have blind belief

@Shruthi - Thanks

@ Mridula - thanks for dropping in
and The whole murder issue was played down and the cover up was instituted at the highest levels by the then home minister
Y.B chauhan

@Global Indian - Yeah you are right
I think sai baba's devotees are already on the backfoot
They can hardly counter the
claims I made in that post with real evidence
and prefer to rely on rehetoric and belief to defend their guru
Anonymous said…
The content on sai baba in your blog is absolutely based on myth & your own fancies. You people have definitely not gone to see him. Ohterwise how can a person fool lakhs of people around the years for so many years. You are like those 6 blind man who just touch the elephant & define it in six different ways. Anyway, you may do whatever you want, but keep the sentiments of peope in mind. If you hurt other peoples' sentiments in the name of blog, one day you people will reap the consequences. First find out who sai baba is & then comment. He has done so much community service, but you have not mentioned anything. Your such a cheap blog is really not worth reading.
Unknown said…
Oops ! looks like I spoke too soon

I am preparing a poster with people like you in mind
Do keep checking back

Just one question
How does golden shiva lingams form
in Sai Baba's Stomach ?

I say
We should harvest Satya Sai Baba
and make him lay golden shiva lingams everyday in a prison cell

A final solution for world poverty
Anonymous said…
Loved the blog....

At 4 am in morning me and my friend laughed to death...

Bhabhuti, shivlings and all that coming out of an arshole & 6 lakh others believe its true.
Anonymous said…
Sai baba should be fucked publicly.....

AS he sure must have been at least a "father and brother fucker" HA HA HA HA HA
Anonymous said…
Please would you update the very good links on this cartoon page?
The link to is defunct and is instead found at

The link to
is dead and is instead found at
Anonymous said…
Too Good......wortnh reading!!
Anonymous said…
Talking about Britain, there is a school called Sathya Sai School in Leicester, Britain. Now here the head teacher is known for bullying, harassing, children and parents alike. The parents got so fed up that they reported the matter to the social services. The top officials of sai trust, sai world foundation etc etc are busy protecting the headteacher. This is a shame and worthy a news in Indian newspapers. Please do the needful.
test said…
whatever it is ..if you are hating some body means..somebody who loves him hate seems.u r so jealous about him....he is just saying love all serve all. every body likes this and following this..not for making shiva lingas. very simple funda...don't waste time on just hating some seems..he didn't care you when you visit puttaparthi..there should be some reason to create this kind of shits.. reveal the reason first.....naturally he is great as you people are working on him some how..that's all we wanted as a sai baba follower. we like people who loves him and hates him as well.. good luck..keep hating..then only you start knowing more about him...
Anonymous said…
This is not true and one bit. If baba was a fake then explain the manesfestaion of vibhuti around the world. How does the vibhuti heal people. Sai loves all and preaches to serve all. None of the crap written above is true. May sai forgive you and show you the right way. On sai ram!!